Stock updates are run on the site several times a week; this means that on occasion stock levels will be out of sync with our main inventory.

If items on your order are out of stock will be in-touch to let you know.

There are two stock statuses:

  1. In stock – item is in stock as of last stock update and ready to ship.
  2. Available for backorder – Item is out of stock, but the customer reserves the stock for the next stock update. If the order is placed inside an order window with the manufacturer, your order will be included on top of our normal order quantities.

Items are not marked as out of stock. If you have placed an order without noticing the stock status and you wish to cancel you order, please do get in touch and we will cancel the order asap.


We use two payment channels to process payments for orders: OPAYO (Formerly SAGE) & PAYPAL.

Both payment gateways work differently.

  • OPAYO is credit and debit card only. Payment is only authorised when your order is ready to ship. Prior to us authorising the payment, your bank account will show that money has been taken, but this has been performed by your bank and will have a PENDING status applied to it. Pending transactions are a safety mechanism put in place by banks to prevent their customers from over-spending.
  • PAYPAL – when a payment is placed using PayPal the payment for the purchase is taken immediately be it from your PayPal account or from the credit/debit card you may have used. This is a function of PayPal and is out of our control.

Refunds are issued through the payment channel used.